Villaware V180 Pasta Machine Motorizer

  • Powerful and Quiet
  • Automates our Hand-Crank Machines Instantly.
  • No Table Clamp Needed.
  • Two Speeds
  • Made in Italy

Product Description
The pasta machine motorizer is powerful and quiet with two speeds, and automates the hand-crank machines instantly. No table clamp is needing so you can use anywhere in the kitchen…. More >>

Villaware V180 Pasta Machine Motorizer

4 thoughts on “Villaware V180 Pasta Machine Motorizer

  1. I bought the motorizer along with the “Imperia Pasta Machine SP. 150 with Double Cutter Attachment”. Using the motor with the pasta machine not only eliminates the need to use the hand crank, it eliminates the need to clamp the pasta machine. Not having to use the clamp means that you can position the machine anywhere you wish on your work surface, not just on the edge. I found it was more comfortable to place the machine about midway to the wall on my counter top. Using the motor also frees up both hands for manipulating the pasta dough as it is being processed. I honestly don’t think I could use the thinnest settings with just one hand to manipulate the pasta dough. The dough becomes quite fragile when it thins and tends to want to stretch and presumably, break at the thinner settings. By using two hands to manipulate the dough, I find it easy to process the dough through the machine even at the thinnest settings.

    The Imperia pasta machine is heavy and unbalanced with the double cutter installed. It will not stand unless clamped, but with the motorizer installed the pasta machine is balanced and will happily sit on any flat level surface. You can put the clamp in the same drawer as the crank. You’ll not need either. ;)
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I brought this motor along with the Villaware pasta machine. The motor make pasta making easier and quicker. I am glad I got them both. It is well worth the money. The motor is like an extra helping hand. All you need to concentrate is feed in the dough and catch it on its way out.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I bought one of these several years ago when I was learning to make pasta. I thought it was a great improvement from the hand crank method. I liked it so well I bought one for my Mom who was in her 70′s at the time. To this day, I still think she thought it was the best Christmas gift she ever got from one of her children. (I also bought her an electric wok a few years later, but I don’t know what ever happened to it….) After all those years of using the hand crank with my reluctant Dad helping, she was thrilled. Well, after 10+ years of action and Lord only knows how many thousands of home-made raviolis along the way, the machine finally gave out.

    So, she is now 84 and wants another one “just like the one I got her before.” Until then,the home-made ravioli production has ground to a halt until I get her machine replaced. There has been no family get-together for the holidays without her home-made raviolis for as long as I can remember (25+ yrs). Tonight I am placing an order for another one. The whole family will be thrilled when they find out she can make her raviolis again.

    The machine – it works just fine. I’m sure all the ones are the market are very similar. I suggest you base your decision on cost. Don’t know what the $120 machines will do better than this one. All I know is two of these machines performed as advertised for 10+ years and made the job easy for one Italian lady whose family tradition involved home made raviolis. Thanks Mom!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I have an Imperia pasta maker, which I love, and use all the time. I haven’t bought dried pasta in months. There were some annoying problems with it though, such as: 1) clamping it to the side of the table, as it left gouges underneath and the table moved around as I cranked, 2) how long it took, and how much elbow-grease, to crank out the pasta strips, 3) how the crank handle doesn’t attach, it just sets inside the slot and continually falls out, and 4) having only one hand to guide the pasta strip through the rollers or cutters.

    This motor solves ALL those problems! With the motor, you can set the machine directly on your countertop and just go to town. It takes literally moments to crank out a strip. I just leave the motor running, fold the strip over, lower the width dial and slide it through again until I have the perfect width. Having two hands to guide it through at the top, and catch it beneath, is a huge help. And it sure saves on the amount of effort — no more do I end up sweaty and out of breath! (Although I must admit, my right arm was getting rather buff.)

    I know it’s expensive in comparison to the machine, but believe me when I tell you it’s worth it. Once you’ve mastered the art of making pasta strips (getting the dough consistency right, etc.) this will make your pasta machine as much a part of your kitchen as your coffee maker or toaster, it’s that much easier.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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