Pasta Machine Set by Atlas Marcato

  • Made in Italy by Atlas Marcato
  • Set includes 5 pieces
  • pasta machine, lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti and pasta cutter
  • All you need to make pasta at home
  • Includes the new Marcato WELLNESS rollers

Product Description
With Multipast, you can prepare a large variety of types of pasta thanks to its rich contents: an Atlas 150 Pasta Machine, an attachment for Ravioli of entirely new conception, one for Spaghetti and one for Reginette. To these products (all made by Marcato) we have added a solid and practical Pasta Cutter Made in Italy by Ghidini Cipriano, well-known for the high quality of their kitchen gadgets. The end-result is truly excellence defined, both for the richness of c… More >>

Pasta Machine Set by Atlas Marcato

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