5 thoughts on “Lello 2720 Pastamaster 2200

  1. This machine is totally a waste of time, you would never ever make a pasta in 15 minutes, you would make the pasta in 4-5 hours. The mesurements of the flours and eggs would never make the appropiate mixture. After lossing your 5 hours to make the mixture, you get the second problem, the mix would not get in the hole so the pasta can get the form you want b/c is to dry for the mixture to go down that hole. If you want fresh pasta you are better off buying a manual machine and do it your self, or better yet go to the supermarket and they would have fresh pasta on the fridge.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. If I could have given this product a negative score, I would have. I purchased the Lello 2200 Pastamaker for my daughter for Christmas. She had just finished a culinary arts program and was quite keen on making homemade pasta. The day after Christmas, we added the ingredients, plugged the machine in, and nothing. After some investigation, my husband who is an engineer concluded that the micro switch needed some adjustment. He proceeded to make the adjustment so that the product would run. Our second and last try with this machine was tonight. The switch worked perfectly, thanks to my husband. The kneading of the dough worked fine as well. Nothing beyond that point worked at all. Specifically, we couldn’t get the dough to pass through the bottom of the machine through the disk. Rather, the dough just spun around the bowl. My daughter has made fresh pasta numereous times before and therefore knows what the consistency should be. However, just in case she had it wrong, she added a bit more water. Still nothing. We finally ended up taking the dough and putting it through a meat grinder to form the pasta. Bottom line, the Lello 2200 Pastamaker went out in the trash tonight. I not only wasted some money on this piece of junk, but also wasted a fair amount of time trying to work with a total piece of junk.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. My Simco pasta machine broke a few years ago after giving me many years of great pasta. I tried to order another and found out Lello bought out Simco….so I spent $150 bucks on what looked like a comparable machine.

    It seems the same but the pasta is so hard and dry it will not go thru the extruder….I threw my old recipe away so I can only guess that the recipe included in the Lello machine is wrong……I am in the process of experimenting but so far have been very disappointed.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. While it is sturdily constructed, this machine just woul dnot make any usable pasta. No matter what I did pasta always came out with jagged edges.. more flour, less flour, more liquid, less liquid, etc.. When boiled the pasta would become an unusable lump of dough. Not recommended.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Over a year ago I bought this unit to replace my lightly used, twenty year old Simac pasta maker when the plastic gears had stripped themselves, and it wasn’t reparable. I too learned Lello had replaced the Simac, and the new 2720 machine importantly had metal gearing. It is therefore noisier, but seems more powerful. The motor too seems stronger and able to work without overheating and shutting down, which was an issue with the Simac. However, after only infrequent use I noticed the plastic bowl has developed several significant stress cracks. It isn’t leaking and hasn’t come apart yet; though it probably will at some point. Checking the internet finds that replacement bowls are available for $25.

    Although I’ve used the Lello infrequently, each time the pasta was very good. I have used the penne, linguine, tagliatelle, and several other disks, with good extrusion results whether a blend of whole wheat, semolina and all purpose flour; and just water or with eggs. Machine clean up is easy after clinging pasta dough dries. When I’m making pasta my dogs sit patiently at my feet hoping for some shreds of pasta extrusion to drop. So I don’t have to clean scraps from the floor when I’m done. I agree with several other reviews that the flour weight and liquid quantities are critical to success, so weigh and measure accurately.

    The maximum 1.5 pounds of flour capacity makes basta pasta!
    Rating: 3 / 5

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