Imperia Pasta Machine Ravioli Attachment

  • Made in Italy
  • Original Ravioli Accessory for the Imperia pasta Machine
  • Makes 3 ravioli per line
  • Includes instructions cutting roller, and brush.
  • Make a whole batch of delicious ravioli in minutes!

Product Description
Fresh ravioli are fun and easy to make at home with this attachment for your Imperia pasta machine.
Simply place two sheets of pasta on the wooden rollers, then spoon your favorite meat, vegetable or cheese filling between the pasta layers and turn the handle. In minutes you’ll have a batch of delicious ravioli. This ravioli attachment, does not include the pasta machine and is only suitable for the Imperia SP150 Italian Double Cutter Pasta Machine.
Full instruction… More >>

Imperia Pasta Machine Ravioli Attachment

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