Imperia Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine

  • Restaurant Commercial Electric Pasta Machine
  • Made in Italy by Imperia
  • Monophase motor

Product Description
Commercial pasta machine, pasta maker, electric
Imperia Restaurant elettrica – The professional steel chrominum-plated pasta machine prepares a pasta strip of 220 mm in ten different thicknesses. RMN 220 electrical with a monophase motor Technical: Width of pasta sheet 210 mm, roller adjustment range 0 – 5 mm. Weight 14.75 Kg. Power supply 220/240V/50Hz.(110V/60 Hz), rated output 190W. Packaging: The box contains: machine body, pasta sheet hopper, transmission, hand… More >>

Imperia Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine

One thought on “Imperia Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine

  1. I bought the 220 Electric from[...] about a month ago. [The postage from Amazon would have near doubled the price - its a heavy solidly built machine.]

    Since then, I have made pasta about three times a week. The machine is easy to use, easy to clean. How easy? Well I’m making pasta in the evening after work. In a session lasting about 100 minutes I can make three batches of 10 eggs/1kg flour. That gives me about 55 half litre (1 pint)tubs of cooked egg pasta in, say an hour and a half. No way I could do that with a manual machine.

    When I think how I used to battle with the manual machine clamped to a table – I musta been nuts! Its expensive, ja, but hey , it is so-o worth it.

    Tip: Don’t buy a fancy wooden pasta drying rack. Use a cheap Mic stand – the boom type. Why? The mic stand folds up into the broom closet in 5 seconds. Rock and Roll!

    Rating: 5 / 5

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