Atlas Manual Pasta Extruder Regina – Made in Italy

  • 5 different dies available for making 5 different types of pasta
  • Made in Italy
  • Manual machine for making pasta by extrusion

Product Description
The Regina Atlas is a manual machine for making pasta by extrusion. Comes complete with five interchangeable dies for producing Rigatoni, Maccheroni, Maccheroncini, Bucatini and Fusilli. The machine is made entirely of plastic for foodstuffs. The control handle and the locking clamp are made of chrome-plated steel and shockproof plastic. The five dies are made of plastic for foodstuffs and chrome-plated steel. The size of the Extruder measures 10 x 5 x 7.5-in. Made … More >>

Atlas Manual Pasta Extruder Regina – Made in Italy

One thought on “Atlas Manual Pasta Extruder Regina – Made in Italy

  1. I have bought and tried just about all the Chinese Pasta Mixer-Extruders that are being sold today, including the Ronco disaster and the Pasta imPerfect (and its’ 3 or 4 clones that have interchangable parts with the Pasta Perfect.) and have decided that you need to invest at least $200 to get a combination unit that has a ghost of a chance of performing decently.

    I have had good luck with two different units: The somewhat pricey Kitchen-Aid pasta extruder attachment (which requires the ownership of a Kitchen-Aid mixer, and this cheap little Atlas manual pasta extruder. Both units require you make up the dough in advance. With the Kitchen-Aid you have the dough hook and all the other great equipment. With the Atlas, you can use a fork, flour, eggs, your hands and whatever else, to create your dough.

    With the dies included, you can make spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, lasanga and cookies. Who cares about the 8 other dies that don’t work very well in the other machines anyhow? It is a manual machine. Nothing to jam or burn out. Easy to clean. And it does its’ thing quite well! This is the unit to get if you want do what pasta extruders do best. Roller type pasta makers also have their place, but you can easily afford this little angel and a roller machine as well! Obviously I love it!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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