Al Dente Pasta Machine

  • Smooth, manual, crank operation for exceptional control.
  • Good, Functional Pasta Machine at a Value Price.
  • Many Optional Attachments (including angel hair, trenette, spaghetti, lasagnette, lasagna and ravioli).
  • The cutter head is removable for easy cleaning. A hand crank, clamp, directions, and recipes are all included.
  • Roller is 6 inches wide.

Product Description
Good, functional pasta machine at a value price, 6 inches wide, excellent value… More >>

Al Dente Pasta Machine

One thought on “Al Dente Pasta Machine

  1. I used this machine twice, the first time it worked like a charm, by the second use it was deteriorating, and when I attempted a 3rd it was unusable. The internal parts are as thin as tinfoil and bend out of place very easy (and unfortuneatly don’t bend back) making the machine useless. Spend a bit more and get something that will last.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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